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Mike Marlar Rolls to Schaeffer's Oil Fall Nationals Victory!

(September 5, 2020) Mike Marlar came to Smoky Mountain Speedway for a bit of a test run and came away as the winner in Saturday night's Rockin' With The Stars Schaeffer's Fall Nationals. Vic Hill started the race from the pole and quickly took the lead over Marlar. Dale McDowell passed Jensen Ford to take third. McDowell began to battle Marlar for second. Hill put some distance between the two cars as they swapped second place several times. The high side of the track came in for Marlar and pulled away from McDowell. Marlar ran down Hill and began pressuring him for the lead. Hill got into the cushion on lap 27 allowing Marlar and McDowell to get by. Marlar seemed to be on cruise control until Austin Kilpatrick chased down the leader. Marlar moved to the bottom to take away Kilpatrick's line and went on to grab the win.

(MRM Racing Photos)

Saturday, September 5th
Rockin' with the Stars Hall of Fame Race
1. Mike Marlar # 157
2. Austin Kirkpatrick # 11
3. Dale McDowell # 17m
4. Vic Hill # 1
5. David Payne # 8
6. Robby Moses # 21
7. Jensen Ford # 83
8. Stacy Boles # 11b
9. Cameron Marlar # 57m
10. Tommy Kerr # 4t
11. Pierce McCarter # 71
12. Jeff Wolfenbarger # 28
13. Joseph Faulkner # 25
14. Derek Ellis # 99
15. Donald McIntosh # 7m
16. Christian Hanger # 29
17. Joe Denby # 27
18. Michael Chilton # 97
19. TJ Reaid # 41r
20. Jadon Frame # 27
21. Clay Coghlan # 6
22. Zach Leonhardi # 24
DID NOT QUALIFY: Joey Standridge (56)

(MRM Racing Photos)

Chase King and Kyle Courtney led the limited late model feature to green from the front row. King took the early lead with close pressure from Courtney. Skip Arp and Aaron Guinn battled for third and the pair eventually caught Courtney. The trio battled for the second spot with Courtney coming out ahead of Arp. Arp continued to pressure Courtney for second. Meanwhile, King cruised to the win with Courtney and Arp finishing second and third respectively.

1. Chase King # 44
2. Kyle Courtney # 171
3. Skip Arp # 31
4. Aaron Guinn # 97
5. Ross White # 0
6. Austin Neely # 3
7. Taylor Puckett # 28
8. Bobby Giffin # 97
9. Ellery Leake # 34
10. Mike Price # 77
11. Mitchell Childress # 2
12. Bill Norwood # 7
13. Trevor Parker # 26
DID NOT START: John Llewellyn (92)

Twenty late models joined Jed Emert in the sportsman late model division to see if one of them could collect the $600 bounty on Emert. Travis Fultz and Brad Seagle began to race on the front row of the 20-lap race. Fultz quickly shot to the lead as the race went green. Brandon Miller and Emert battled for third. After a couple of quick cautions, Miller dove under both Seagle and Fultz in a bid for the lead. Fultz maintained the lead, but Miller did take second from Seagle. Emert got by Seagle for third and the battle for the lead heated up. Miller continued to work the bottom side of the track to pull alongside Fultz going down the back straightaway. The two made contact entering turn 3 with Miller getting into the inside berm. Miller was done for the night. Emert made one last push in the final two laps to battle for the lead, but Fultz held on for the win and claimed the $600 bounty on Emert.

(MRM Racing Photos)

1. Travis Fultz # T0
2. Jed Emert # 98
3. Adam Mitchell # 50
4. Cody Courtney # C11
5. Bradley Lewelling # 10b
6. Warren McMahan # 33
7. Sonny Huskey # 6
8. Mitchell Burke # 54
9. Bryan Cooper # 15
10. Joe Bray # 76
11. Tyler Price # 7
12. Dereck Blair # 28
13. Chris Lewis # 09
14. Brad Seagle # 31
15. Jake Whitehead # 116
16. Brandon Miller # 89
17. Travis Reno # 77
18. Kip Sawyer # 44
19. Kris Pauley # B54
DID NOT START: Micah Jones (16), Jason Wyres (18)

The Kajun Mini Stock Association were in town for a $1,500 to win race. Michael Courtney and Tim Ladd won their respective heats to earn front row starting spots. Courtney shot the lead over Ladd with John Smartt and a host of others battling for third. Several cautions slowed the pace of the race with a number of drivers being warned for jumping restarts. Ladd shook lose from the pack to mount pressure on Courtney in the closing laps. With a few laps to go, Courtney's engine expired going into turn one. That handed the lead to Ladd who checked out en route to the win. Smarrt held on for second while Hayston Collett crossed the line in third, but was later disqualified in post race inspection.

(MRM Racing Photos)

1. Tim Ladd # 39
2. John Smartt # S1
3. Brandon Phillips # B7
4. Brannon Knight # 321
5. Caylan Kettle # K0
6. Colby Bradshaw # 5
7. Michael Courtney # C11
8. John Tilghman # 58j
9. Joey Payne # P11
10. Brad Hamilton # 51
DISQUALIFIED: Haysten Collett (21)

Friday, October 16th
Southern All Stars Super Late Models - $3,000 to win
Topless Outlaws Late Model Series - $3,000 to win
American Crate All Star Series - $2,000 to win

Saturday, October 17th
Southern All Stars Super Late Models - $7,000 to win
American Crate All Star Series - $3,000 to win
Sportsman Late Models - $1,200 to win


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